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“I’m a ‘B’ student”, “I could never shoot that score on the golf course”, “That job’s too hard for me”, “I couldn’t retire early”.

While you may not have uttered any of the above specifically, chances are that at one time or another you have expressed doubt about your ability to achieve something.  At that point in time, you’ve created a self-imposed limit on your ability to achieve.  What a shame!  No don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that a 47 year old male telling himself “I can pitch game 7 of the World Series” is going to suddenly make it a reality.  However, even this seemingly absurd statement is not totally beyond the realm of possibility….

Suppose our hero decided he wanted to accomplish this.  He’d need to start exercising, start stretching, start throwing.  He’d need to find a local baseball league to play in.  He’d need to start competing.  He’d need to focus on finding some MLB team that was interested in a publicity stunt and had him throw in pre-season, then in the regular season — maybe just a single pitch!   Now is any of this realistic?  Probably not ALL of it.  But the first several steps — exercise, stretching, throwing, getting back in to the game — are absolutely realistic.  Maybe our hero won’t make it to the World Series.  But he’s darn sure going to be a lot better off having focused on the positive, actionable steps related to the goal than simply saying “I could never”.

The key is to focus on a long term goal, break it down in to chunks, at take them one step at a time.  When you do that, your limits are a lot less constraining than they appear initially.

With that in mind:

What limit of yours are you going to discard today?

As always, thanks for the time.