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Curt Stowers

A Passion for Learning

About Curt

Curt’s a lifelong learner with a passion for coaching and helping other people grow.  In 2013 he stepped away from a lucrative management position in “corporate America” and began a new journey focused on finding better balance in his life.  Curt now owns his own business — F5 Financial Planning.  He enjoys reading, exercising, fishing, golf, and spending time with his family.

Curt has lived in over 20 different places during his life — including multiple locations in the midwest, Denver, Dubai, and Brussels.  Currently, he resides with his wife and best friend Sonya in Naperville, Illinois.  Together they have three children.  Amanda, a graduate student in engineering at Stanford;  Alexander, a newly minted Neuqua Valley HS attends SIU Carbondale; and, Casey, is a sophomore at Neuqua Valley HS.

Curt received his BS, MS, and PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  He spent 18 years working for a Fortune 50 company holding positions in operations, purchasing, commodity management, and commercial management.  In 2011 he completed the Boston University Financial Planning Program and passed the Certified Financial Planner examination.  Curt has owned a successful Subway franchise since 2005.

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