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Incrementalism is boring.  It can be very effective but it just takes so darn long.  That’s why when I’m faced with a challenge I prefer to look at the extreme solution.  Rarely does it result in either a good or desired outcome.  However, often it defines the boundaries clearly; and, in so doing allows a previously un-thought of approach to emerge.

Taking the extreme view, position, or action is often necessary if one desires to drive change.  It should not be done lightly as working at the extremes is often fraught with risk.  However, it is often the best way to push the boundaries and discover new and innovative things.  Further, in today’s world, taking such risks is rarely that costly.  Think about the last time you failed.  Did your family go hungry?  Did it really have a huge effect on your well-being?  Does anyone else even remember?   While we’ve progressed as a society to the point where our safety, security, and well-being is rarely jeopardized by failures, we’re still mired in the risk avoidance mindsets that protected us earlier in our evolutionary journey.

The implications of this are huge.  Taking extreme risks today are rarely met with the same degree of consequences as in the past.  The only thing stopping us from taking these risks is our pre-conceived thoughts on what failure will involve.  Once we get over this fear of failure, taking risks – and in turn the corresponding rewards – come much easier.

With that in mind:

When was the last time you questioned your definition of extreme?

As always, thanks for the time.

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