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With everything that goes on in our busy lives today, it’s inevitable that we will fall.  The interesting thing is the different ways that people land when they fall.

Some folks land hard.  They hit the ground with a solid thud.  Bones are broken and the recovery time is long.  Others tuck, roll, and bounce up from the fall almost unscathed.  They always land on their feet.  Why is that?

I’d offer this.  Some folks don’t believe they’ll ever fail.  Therefore they don’t make plans for it.  They aren’t ready for it. And they land hard.  Others know they will fail.  They plan for it.  They get used to it.  They land softly as falling is normal and simply part of the process.

Failures part of the process.  It’s natural.  It’s healthy.  It’s productive.  And it’s inevitable.  How you plan and respond to the failure will dictate how you land.

With that in mind:

How will you land when you fail?

As always, thanks for the time.

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