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Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith.  You need to step off the platform, trust in yourself, and trust that there will be a safety net there if things don’t go quite so well.  And yes, it IS scary….

The fear is natural.  We didn’t survive for tens of thousands of years by ignoring that hair that stands up on the back of our neck.  However, we also didn’t progress by huddling at the back of a cave and never venturing out to see what lies beyond our immediate vision.  Personal growth requires that you get out of your comfort zone.  It requires that you try something new.  It requires that you fail.  It requires that you persevere.  But if you do step out of the comfort zone, try something new, fail, and persevere, things normally work out extremely well.


Ultimately it’s up to each one of us to decide how far we reach and how big of a leap we make.  Ultimately, we’ll each look back and wonder.  Likely not about the leaps we took, but about the ones we did not.

With that in mind:


  • Isn’t it time you took the leap?

As always, thanks for the time.

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