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Anyone who has spent much time around me knows that I love to fish.  Many of them actually think that I’m crazy for how much time I spend thinking about and planning for the activity.  Much of the time is spent figuring out what bait to throw.

The process involves factoring in a huge number of environmental conditions to ascertain which lure is the most likely to produce the desired result.  While there’s never a certainty, it’s often the case that choosing the right bait will greatly improve your probability of success.  Conversely, the fish would be well served if he/she could recognize what is a bait and what’s forage.  In fact, failure on their part to distinguish between an artificial bait and real forage has significant consequences for them.

Such is the case for each and every one of us.  We’re constantly being exposed to “bait” that vies for our time and dollars.  Much of it is exceedingly attractive and tempting.  That’s by design.  But just like the fish, we need to learn to recognize what’s real and what’s artificial.  If we don’t, just like the fish, we’ll face real consequences.

With that in mind:

Are you going to take the bait?

As always, thanks for the time.

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