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I’m proud to say that during both my junior and senior years in HS I won the “best hustler” award for my baseball team.  While I may not have had the most talent, I made darn sure that I busted my backside at every opportunity to maximize my potential for success.  Did it always work?  No.  But did I always feel like I had done everything within my power to help the team?  Yes.

Each day we have to make choices on where we focus our energy and effort.  Sometimes it’s easy to go after things in a half-aXX manner.  Rarely does that work out well.  The reality is there is always somebody out there pushing just as hard — if not harder — than you are.  Ultimately it often comes down to who is willing to hustle a little bit more.  And buy hustle I mean, make the extra phone call, help the extra friend, write the extra article, make the extra sacrifice, work the extra minute, and try a little bit harder.

With that in mind:

How much did you hustle yesterday?

As always, thanks for the time.