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I hate to admit I’m wrong.  Unfortunately, I get the chance to do it VERY often!  When something new shows up on my radar, I’m quick to rush in and get started.  After all, if I get started NOW it will be done sooner.  Right?  Maybe not.  This characteristic must be hereditary — at least on the Y chromosone — as I watch my son display the exact same characteristics time after time.  At first, I stepped in and told him the right way to do it.  That didn’t go over so well.  Over time, we’ve progressed to a point where he’ll open his ears — partially — to my thoughts; and, on occassion, even step back, consider the task at hand, make a plan, and execute it.  It’s been fun to watch him learn and grow; and, through the process I have learned a ton about patience.

After a ton of thought, I’ve come to a conclusion with regards to patience:  Patience is a virtue desired by many, possessed by few, appreciated by fewer, and understood by even less.  My journey on the path to patience is far from complete. However, it’s at least started and I recognize that this particular road likely will extend out beyond my horizon.

Today I pose two questions rather than the normal one:

Are you in the desire, possess, appreciate or understand phase?  Is question one really about patience?

As always, thanks for the time.