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Isn’t it fun to make plans?  To lay out the elaborate action plan that’s going to get us to the desired end state.  To picture us in the new state where everything is just great.  To envision the future where we are in control of our own destiny.  Yep all good things.  And the process of creating things twice – first mentally, then physically (from Steven Covey) – is one that I subscribe to 100%.  But ultimately you have to get off your backside and start.

Creating a mental picture of our desired end state is a key first step in achieving that end state.  However, all too often we get stuck in the planning phase and are hesitant to move to the action phase.  Normally that hesitation is driven by fear.  Guess what?  That fear is normal!!!  Guess what?  The fear is going to diminish greatly as soon as we start!!!!  Guess what?  You’ll never get to that end state unless you start!!!

With that in mind:

  • Why not start today?

As always, thanks for the time.

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