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Is there anything more satisfying in life than seeing the sheer happiness that is associated with someone receiving a gift?  The gift can be a toy or a tool, small or big, expensive or cheap, physical or personal.  Interestingly, the LONG TERM effect of the gift is dependent on whether it satisfies a need or a want of the recipient.

When the gift is targeted at a want, often times its effect is more transient.  More fleeting.  That is because our wants or desires often change from moment to moment.  Think of a kid who wants the latest electronic gadget.  Conversely, when the gift is targeted at a need, its impact is normally long lasting.  Think of the time someone spent with you to help you develop personally.  That gift of time has probably had an impact that you never even considered when you received it

With that in mind:

What kind of gift are you going to give?

As always, thanks for the time.

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