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There are always choices available.  Each day begins with a clean slate.  We choose what we will do AND what we will not do.  This instead of that.  And when you think too much about it, it can become almost paralyzing.


Ultimately there is no right answer.  There are just the choices that we make.  Instead literally means “in place of”.  We can choose to work or play.  Love or hate.  Cry or smile.  Which place we “reside” for the day is our choice.  The irony is that sometimes the places we “visit” based on our choices turn out to be much different than those that we envisioned.


So quit worrying about whether you are making the right choice.  Perhaps you’ll end up there rather than here.  But that’s OK as sometimes the place we did NOT envision turns out to be much more interesting..


With that in mind:


  • Instead of doing the same thing, why not try something new?

As always, thanks for the time.

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