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There’s too much “have to do”, too much “now, now, now”, too much “this is important” in our lives.  Think about it for a minute. Go back one week.  What did you “HAVE” to do that day?  Go back one month.  What was the “CRISIS” at that point in time?  Go back one year.  What were you so “WORRIED” about then?


My guess is that you might remember last weeks big thing, perhaps you’ll be able to recollect one month ago, but I seriously doubt you’ll be able to remember the critical issue from a year ago.  The only exceptions to this are things that ARE transformational:  births, marriages, deaths, job changes, serious health issues.


That brings us to relax.  When you spend all of your time focusing on the crisis — real or perceived — that are taking place in your life, you don’t give your mind or body time to recuperate.  That’s OK short term.  However, long term the effects are significant.  That’s why it’s so important to schedule “down” or “away” time.  Time to relax and read.  Time to sleep.  Time to play with the kids.  Time to play a round of golf.  Time to fish.  Time to talk with friends.  My guess is that the time you spend on these activities WILL be remembered.  In fact the time we spend relaxing will likely be the most memorable and important of our lives.


With that in mind:


  • Isn’t it time for you to relax?

As always, thanks for the time.

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