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Really?  What an interesting word!  Depending on the tone/tenor/delivery it can be so different:


  • There’s the “really?” to your kids when they have just done something incredibly dumb.  Yeah, I know I shouldn’t judge them.  And I’m sure I did dumber things myself.  But really?
  • There’s the wide eyed fascination “really?”  This one’s where you look on with amazement at some feat that is incredibly impressive — he really pulled it off!
  • There’s the sincere questioning “really”.  This one’s where you’re in a conversation and you add the “really” on to an emphasis — do you really think we can accomplish that plan?

What’s interesting is that no matter which really is being used, they all share a common theme:


  • There’s some how a doubt in your mind associated with the reality that can or has been created

And that’s why “really” should be a red flag to you.  When you say “really”, what you are saying is that you don’t actually believe.  And that’s just plain not good!  As I’ve shared previously “All things are created twice.  First mentally, then physically” (Steven Covey).

The message today is simple.  Don’t fall in to the “really” trap.  Look at each situation with an open mind and suspend your disbelief.  You just might be surprised at what’s possible when you take this approach.

With that in mind:


  • Is it really wise to doubt the viability of anything?

As always, thanks for the time.

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