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Wouldn’t it would be great if life operated like a train schedule?  You know, graduate HS at 18, college at 22, married at 25, kids out of the house at 50, retire at 65, die at 85.  No uncertainty, just a well scripted, well defined path from beginning to end. Or maybe not….


There’s nothing wrong with developing and sticking to a schedule.  In fact, there are a lot of benefits in doing so.  However, when we get so hung up on operating our lives according to a rigid schedule, we miss so many things.  The only way that we can really maintain a “tight” schedule is to make sure “the tracks of life” go through the same path, every day, without any interruptions.  How boring would that be?

Sometimes you need to toss the schedule aside or at the very least change it up a bit.  It’s those times that you discover new people, new places, new things, and new ideas.  And while you might be a little late in getting to your planned destination, my guess is that you’ll have enjoyed the trip a lot more.


With that in mind:


  • Is it time for you to change your schedule?

As always, thanks for the time.

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