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When things don’t go well, it’s easy to envision the cosmic forces conspiring against you.  Alas it must be such that your fate is beyond your control.  Poppycock.


Sure there are times when you have bad luck and things don’t go your way.  However, most of the time your fate is determined by two things:


  • Your attitude, and
  • Your effort


The challenge then becomes how to make sure that both your attitude and your effort are aligned with YOUR vision of the future.  There are lots of different theories and approaches on how to do this.  In my opinion one of the easiest ways to address is via the use of affirmations which you review a few times a day.  Try these two on for size:


  • I stay positive at all times.  When things do not go my way I recognize that the setback is only temporary.  I’m thankful for all that I have and remind myself of how fortunate I am compared to most of the other 7 billion people on earth.  My positive attitude is contagious and helps others with the challenges they face.
  • I start each day with a plan of the three most important items to accomplish that day.  I focus my efforts solely on these items until they are complete.  I know that by steady, consistent effort each day I will make small steps towards my large goals


The mind is an amazing thing.  Simply by reading your affirmations a few times a day (when you get up, when you start work, at lunch, before you go home, before dinner, before you go to bed), you’ll slowly reprogram your behaviors.  It’s not important to understand the biology or psychology of the phenomenon.  What’s important is to assume control of your fate.

With that in mind:


  • Why would you ever let someone else control your fate?

As always, thanks for the time.

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