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Being consistent is one of the keys to being successful.  There’s lots of places where you can see this.  One of my favorites is Cal Ripken.  While I’m a Cardinals fan and never really “followed” Ripken specifically, I was always aware of — and incredibly impressed by — his ability to push forward through the challenges.  He played 2,632 consecutive games.  That was over 16 years of playing 162 games a year.Now I’m not suggesting that just being consistent will bring you success; however, I do think there is normally a high degree of correlation between one’s consistent efforts and one’s successes.  That’s why it’s so important to push through the “slog” that I referenced yesterday.


From Monday through Friday (when I’m not on vacation / Holiday), I pull together one of these posts.  Not because they’re going to change the course of humanity.  Rather, because I know that if I want to learn more, grow as an individual, and live life more fully it’s critical that I reflect on what’s going on in my mind.  And the way the mind works is absolutely amazing to me!!!  Currently I do NOT pick out topics for my daily post before hand.  Rather, I review a long list of ideas that I keep on file.  Today “consistent” just sort of popped out at me.   I went through my normal process of pulling in a shell template and saving a draft.  I then glanced up and noticed that yesterday I posted my 200th post and today would be number 201!!!  Amazing the way that my mind focused on “consistent” for today’s topic given that yesterday was such a nice, round number.  Now I’ve got a LONG way to go to get to “Ripken-esque” numbers, but hey 201 isn’t bad!  And I absolutely know that I’ve grown a ton over the past year by doing a bit of writing on a regular basis.


My hope is that a few of you that read this take the time to reflect on those things you encounter day to day.  To reflect on what you might do to improve yourself.  What you might do to help others improve.  And never forget that it’s only through long, sustained, consistent actions that we will be able to make a real impact.

With that in mind:


  • How would being more consistent help you with your success?

As always, thanks for the time.

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