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My guess is that you can recognize the voice of your spouse, kids, friends and family in a heartbeat; and, they can do the same with you.
However, what you may not have considered is that there are actually TWO voices that you can recognize for each individual.  The first is the one that comes to us through our ears.  It’s the vocal pattern that we hear.  That’s the one most of us think of when we speak of voices.  However, it’s the second voice that is the really important one.  That second voice is the one that delivers the message about  who we are.  It’s the voice that includes:


  • Whether we are positive or negative in how we approach situations
  • Whether we provide encouragement or discouragement to others
  • Whether we speak well or speak poorly of others
  • Whether we act consistently with the first voice

It’s this second voice that defines who we are.  And it’s the one that folks listen to the most closely.  It’s the one that really communicates your personal message.

With that in mind:


  • How good is your voice?

As always, thanks for the time.

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