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Today I’m keeping it short and sweet….  Some words just make you feel good.  Open is one of them:


  • It was so much fun on Christmas morning watching the kids open their presents.
  • She’s so open to new ideas
  • We opened up the windows to air out the house
  • We went to opening day


Open carries with it the connotation of something new, something fresh.  That’s the reason that open is looked upon so favorably:  we each have a desire deep inside to experience new things, to get a fresh start.  The paradox here is that because we are NOT always open minded, we don’t see — and therefore don’t sieze — the new opportunities when they appear before us.  This leads us to be less open and the cycle becomes self repeating.


With that in mind:


  • Isn’t it time you opened your mind to a new possibility?

As always, thanks for the time.

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