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Today we turn to Mr. Isaac Newton for inspiration.  He gave us the following:


  • If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants


Each of us faces our own personal set of challenges.  That’s the reality of life.  But we don’t always need to face these challenges alone.  Rather, we have our colleagues, friends and families who will — and do — support us.  And often we are able to stand on their shoulders when we face the challenges that seem too confusing or too big.

However, some times we face challenges we MUST face alone.  It is then that we must “stand on our own” shoulders.  Each of us has our head sitting squarely on top of our shoulders.  Our head literally and figuratively stands on our shoulders.  And that’s the key.  While we would like to believe that we can “think our way to a solution”, it’s often the case that our rational mind doesn’t house the answer.  Rather, the answer is housed inside of our heart and soul.  It’s housed within all of those experiences that we have had.  And we need to recognize that the shoulders of our feelings, the shoulders of our experiences, the shoulders of our heart often provide the necessary support to stand on when we are faced with difficult decisions.  While our logical mind has a ton of power, those experiences we have endured often provide the foundation for what we can and will become.  Those experiences provide the shoulders on which we can stand.


With that in mind:


  • Are you ready to stand on your own shoulders?

As always, thanks for the time.

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