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Some concepts are universal.  They span time and culture.  Light and dark,  good and evil live at the top of this list.  Today I’m going to focus a bit on light.
Sometimes despite all of our best efforts and intentions, it’s difficult to find our way.  The next step seems too hard.  We’re not sure in what direction you should take that step.  And then we notice it.  A small glimmer of light.  A spark of an idea.  As we focus your minds the spark turns to a flame at the end of a match stick, then a small fire producing light adequate to see, then it grows to heat source that surrounds us, and finally it becomes an all consuming inferno.  When we get to this point, it’s not hard at all to take a step.  In fact, we’ve taken the steps willingly and are now surrounded by our passion.
We all struggle to find that initial spark.  That’s normal.  It’s also normal that some things that were once infernos are now nothing more than a small glint of light.  Ultimately each one of us has to decide which light source we can and will pursue.  It can be a new source of light or an old light that has dimmed.  There’s no “right” or “magic” answer.  However, we HAVE to pursue a light source.  If we don’t, the only alternative is darkness.  And that’s not a very welcoming place.
With that in mind:
What’s your guiding light?

As always, thanks for the time.


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