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Words have always fascinated me.  There’s actually a poem I wrote way back when I was something like ten years old entitled “Words”.  And don’t waste your time Googling that one as it’s NOT published!

Today the word “consume” jumped to the front of my mind.  Three possibilities here:
  • To fully use or utilize — “He consumed the bag of popcorn”
  • To do away with completely — “Fire consumed the house”
  • To become totally occupied by — “The idea consumed her”
Most of us would probably agree that we are “consumers”.  Re-read the definitions above and think about the fact that you probably just acknowledged you are a consumer.  Do any of these definitions really define the person you want to be?  It’s an interesting question that came to my mind — especially in light of us being in the Holiday season.  Kind of makes you wonder what the focus is versus what the focus should be.
With that in mind:
What kind of consumer do you want to be?

As always, thanks for the time.


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