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A job we love, the perfect house, a nice car, no financial worries.  We all understand the ideal.  Or do we?


It’s easy to dream about the ideal situation; however, often when we get to the state that we desire, we find it’s not so ideal after all.  That’s because all too often we’re looking externally for our ideal.  In reality, ideal is only defined by our own psyche and not others.  When there’s misalignment between the ideal that others paint and our own value system, achieving the “desired” end state results in discomfort.  So while the job, house, car and dollars are nice; they may not bring you the satisfaction you’re looking for if the faith, friends, family, and fitness aren’t their at the same time.


So before you pursue that next ideal state, you might want to consider whether you’re pursuing it for you or for someone else.


With that in mind:

Whose ideal is it — yours or theirs?

As always, thanks for the time.


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