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Slack’s a really interesting word.  Consider some of the context in which you hear it:


  • He’s a slacker
  • Cut him some slack
  • There’s slack in the rope


What all of the above share in common is a sense of something extra being available.  And while that’s true in some sense, it’s also very misleading.  Having extra available suggests that there’s too much or something should be done with the excess.  Sometimes that’s just not the case:


  • Sometimes folk need a chance to relax and decompress
  • Sometimes folks have been through challenges that we neither understand or appreciate
  • Sometimes that extra in the rope is there for protection


So while it’s easy to jump to conclusions that there’s slack available to be taken up, it’s not always the case that taking up the slack is a positive.

With that in mind:

Is the slack you’re seeing really there?

As always, thanks for the time.


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