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I’ve a learned a ton from my wife.  If that starting sentence didn’t grab your attention, I don’t know what will!  Back to the topic….

One of the most important lessons she’s taught me was in regards to the topic of “need” versus “want”.  Early on in our marriage I was convinced that I NEEDED a new fishing rod.  She politely let me know that I did not NEED a new fishing rod.  While I might WANT a new fishing rod, it’s really not up there on the critical to life list.

While the lesson was taught in the context of the purchase of an item, its impact is far greater.  I hear people on a daily basis speak about what they need — normally in the context of material things.  And yet, when you challenge them on whether or not they really need these things, you find out that they are nothing more than wants.

Needs go a lot deeper.  I’ll spare you a dissertation on Maslov’s hierarchy of needs.  Let’s just say that just about anyone reading this post has the first two levels of needs fully fulfilled.  It’s when you get to the belonging, esteem, and self-actualization levels that you actually start to have to wrestle with your needs.

So as you spend the next couple of weeks shopping for friends and family.  Take a few minutes to think about what they need as well as what they want.  It may turn out that there’s other gifts available for you to share with them that will do a better job of satisfying their needs.

With that in mind:

What do you need?

As always, thanks for the time.


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