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I’m not sure what the above triggers in your mind; but for me, it’s William Wallace at the end of the movie Braveheart.  Our hero’s fought the good fight, but alas things appear to have turned out poorly.  William’s strapped to a table and being tortured mercilessly.  He’s given one final chance to capitulate.  Instead, he screams out “FREEDOM!”.
This marks the second time that I’ve chosen “Freedom” as my topic du jour.  While it may seem strange, I don’t always remember my previous blurbs and only find out that I’ve got a “repeat” on my hand after creating the document and doing an initial save.  Most the time upon seeing that I’m creating a duplicate I scrap the idea and move on to the next thought in my head.  Not today.
In Braveheart Wallace is obsessed with freedom. The ability to follow his hopes and dreams without any constraints from others.  He endures endless trials of faith and sees many of his friends and family lose their lives as they struggle along side of him.  All because he wants to be free to determine his own path in life.
Too many of us sleep walk through each day taking for granted the freedom that we possess.  We’re content to get up, go to work, eat dinner, and go to bed.  That’s enough for many.  And yet there is so much more available for each of us.  Yes, stepping up to claim that freedom will likely cause us to endure some hardships.  However, that brings me back to my old friend:  discipline or regret.
I’m not suggesting that you follow Wallace’s path and set out to overthrow the existing power structure.  I am suggesting that it might be worth considering if there’s another path available to you.

With that in mind:

Isn’t it time you claim your freedom?  (And yes that’s the same question I asked last time on this topic!)

As always, thanks for the time.


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