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It would be wonderful if things just happened and there was never any struggle.  But think about it, even in fairy tale land the handsome prince or brave heroine has to fight to overcome adversity.  That’s what makes a good story!


And we all love a good story.  The problem is when it comes to stepping up to a fight, we often choose the “flight” response.  Why?  In my mind, it’s because of two things.  First, while we’d love to make a change or move to a new place in our lives, the current pain just isn’t large enough to motivate any action — much less a knock down, drag out fight.  Second, we’re afraid of losing.  We’d rather sit tight and avoid the situation than have to explain to everyone how we tried and failed.  Think about those two things for a second:  we’re not uncomfortable enough and we’re afraid.  How many of you would like to explain to your kids that you went through life “not uncomfortable enough” and “afraid”?  Dismissing fight out of fear undervalues your capabilities WAY too much!


We each have dreams and aspirations.  Like the handsome prince and the brave heroine, we’re not going to realize these dreams and aspirations unless we step up to the fight.  And while there’s no guarantee that we’ll win the fight when we step in to it, there’s almost certainly a guarantee that we’ll emerge with one heck of a story to tell our kids.  Isn’t that a lot better than “I was afraid and not uncomfortable enough”?


With that in mind:

What’s worth fighting for in your life?

As always, thanks for the time.


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