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Sometimes it’s fun to break down old adages.  Take the following:


  • He who hesitates is lost


On first glance, you conclude:  You need to be ready to seize the opportunity when it arises.  Definitely true.  But let’s break this down a bit more / look at it a bit differently:


  • He who hesitates.     Is lost.


A totally different perspective!  Taking the adage this way, it suggests that sometimes we are not sure of the path we should follow.  At those times it makes good sense to stop, evaluate, determine an action and than proceed.

There’s nothing wrong with hesitation.  In fact, a session of introspection is often invaluable.  Where we get in to trouble is where we fall in to the paralysis by analysis trap.  So go ahead.  Take a bit of time to hesitate.  Then grab a hold of that opportunity and trust that you can and will achieve your vision.

With that in mind:

Are you hesitating to find the action or because you are afraid of the action?

As always, thanks for the time.


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