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Did you ever encounter a situation where you just shake your head at the absurdity of moment?  I’m talking about those times when you look at what is going on, clearly recognize that there is no way it’s going to work, and wonder what in the heXX the person is doing?

Did you ever wonder if someone else is looking at us and doing the same head shake routine?  My guess is you had one of two reactions to the last question.  The first was, “No.  I never even considered it”.  That’s good and bad.  On the plus side, it means you’re probably dialed in to what you’re doing and extremely confident — that’s a good place to be.  On the bad, you need to protect against “false positives” — it’s always good to spend a bit of time reflecting on your current situation and question if there’s anything out of alignment.


Conversely, there’s a second common reaction.  This one’s not so much the “voice” as it is the “feel”.  That tightening in your stomach that makes you uncomfortable.  That feeling of disconnect.  That wonder if what you’re doing really makes sense.  Again, there’s a pro and a con.  On the plus side, when you experience the sense of discomfort, your bodies just given you a perfect clue that it’s time to change things up a bit.  On the negative, the more intense the sensation, the more likely we’re “stuck” in the “land of the absurd” and afraid about what to do next.   Books have been written on this topic, so I’m not going to give you a silver bullet in a short blog post. What I am going to suggest is that when you get that “stuck in the land of absurd” feeling, do three things.


First, take a few minutes to write down why you feel the situation is absurd.  Second, grab a close friend and share with them what’s going on in your mind.  Third, when your conversation with them get’s to a point where the expressions “Did you ever think of trying?”, “That’s a good idea”, “I wonder what would happen if”, or “I wish I could” arise; grab a hold of what comes next and just do it!  Chances are by simply trying out a new idea, the absurdity of your current situation is going to miraculously fade away.

With that in mind:

Is someone watching you and shaking their head about the absurdity of what you are doing?

As always, thanks for the time.