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I’m a firm believer in the power each of us has inherently.  Frankly I don’t know how anyone can doubt the ability each and every human being has to do incredible things — look around you and you will se examples of these abilities each and every day.  But to make a real impact you need to amplify that power.  You need to over come your fear that you’ll be ostracized, scorned, or ridiculed for your ideas.   You need to step forward and push for that idea the you have.

If you don’t that little voice inside is never going to resonate with anyone else.  It’s never going to rise above the drone of the day-to-day challenges folks here.  It’s never going to motivate the change that is possible.  It’s never going to help someone learn, grow, and live better.

With that in mind:

Why aren’t you turning up the power on your inner voices amplifier?

As always, thanks for the time.