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It’s interesting how certain words immediately trigger a flurry of thoughts and emotions.  Leap is one such word.  The connotations associated with leap include:  a big effort, a chasm to be crossed, danger, fearlessness, activity.  It’s a word that is both simultaneously exciting and scary.  And one that most of us wish we could use much more often in regards to our actions.

All too often we hesitate when the opportunity to leap presents itself.  We’re afraid that making that jump and stepping out of our comfort zone will lead to some sort of failure.  Really?  We’re no longer walking amongst the saber tooths and wooly mammoths.  We’ve moved in to a world where we are blessed with abundances that our ancestors only two generations ago could never imagine:  multiple flat screens, giant homes, the internet, abundant food, and the list goes on and on.

The irony is that the larger safety net is actually holding us back from taking the leap that the inner voice is encouraging.  And the tragedy is that when you look back in twenty years it’ll be that “what if only” thought that drives you crazy.  Not the metaphorical skinned knee or twisted ankle you might get from taking the leap.

With that in mind:

Why aren’t you making the leap?

As always, thanks for the time.