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Mr. Webster starts his definition of submit with “accept or yield to a superior force”.  How ironic…

Each of us perceives that we are in complete control of our own lives.  That there is no superior force out there to submit to.  Yet there’s often that little voice that nags at us.  The voice that whispers “is this all there is” or “shouldn’t you be doing something else”.  And we resist as we are in control.  We know what’s best.  And here’s the irony — we do know what’s best and it’s exactly those things that the little voice inside is telling us.  That little voice is our true self telling us how to proceed.  That superior force is our true self telling us what to do.  And we simply will not submit to it.

Why?  Many reasons.  Fear of change, desire to please others, self-doubt, fear of failure.  The list is endless.  When will we listen?  Normally when we have some sort of significant emotional experience:  the birth of a child, the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, a serious health issue.  At these times we recognize what is really important. We overcome the perceived barriers and submit to the voice.  And here again irony emerges.  Those of us with the “perfect” lives never have that trigger event.  Everything remains “perfect”.  We don’t change.  The voice continues to resonate.  And one day we look back and wonder “why didn’t I”.

With that in mind.

Would you rather submit to the voice or look back and wonder “why didn’t I”?

As always, thanks for the time.