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Sometimes life does not go exactly as planned.  As a result, we sometimes tumble and skin our knees — or even worse.  The result is often a scar that stay with us for the rest of our life.  Some of these scars are physical, some mental.  They’re all real and shape our appearance.

Now many look at scars and immediately see their ugliness.  Me, I take them a bit differently.  Whenever I notice a physical or mental scar, I try and understand what situation led to the scar.  Because I can be pretty darn certain that the individual carrying the scar is damn knowledgeable in that area and can be counted on to do the right things in that area.  While scars may seem to be “ugly”, the reality is they’re actually a beautiful testimonial to the fact that the person carrying them has learned, grown and lived.

With that in mind:

What’s the life lesson associated with your most beautiful scar?

As always, thanks for the time.