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Today Natalie asks us to honestly assess our need/desire to be tied down versus traveling:


What’s your level of location independence and your nomadic quotient?


For me the idea of “being homeless” holds no appeal.  While I’d like to embrace the concept of minimalism, there’s some “toys” of mine that I just can’t ever see giving up — my fishing tackle, golf clubs, books, bikes, a car, a nice home, etc.  However, the idea of ONLY staying in one place is equally unappealing.  Moving every 3-4 years my entire life has given me plenty of opportunities to experience different people, places and things; and, I’ve come to really enjoy the experience of constantly taking in something new.

The blog challenge has been about understanding yourself and determining what’s a personal targeted end state for you.  For me, I’d see the ideal as:

  • Having a nice home where I can always return.
  • Taking a long (1-2 month) trip yearly.
  • Taking a number of “mini-vacations” (i.e. 4-5 day weekends) through out the year.
  • Having the freedom to travel more if and when the desire arises.

Perhaps not as exciting as Natalie’s life, but that’s not the goal is it?

If you want some more information on the challenge, check out the post on day twenty-three at:


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