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An interesting combination of two words.  Self’s easy — you!  Less in this instance can be read in two ways.  First, you can look at it as “not quite as much”.  Second, you can look at it as “not there at all”.  And interestingly, both ways of reading “less” provide interesting perspectives.

To be the most effective individual you can, you must realize that it’s about more than you.  That means focusing on others first.  That means focusing on yourself not quite so much.  Selfless version one.  An important lesson that I must relearn all too often.

To really make an impact, your vision and ideas need to be absorbed by those around you.  Your impact will only be felt when folk’s behaviors support that vision in your absence.  When you yourself are totally absent.  Selfless version two.  A lasting impact occurs when you’re looking to help others function on their own and not looking to have it be all about you.

Regardless of which way you look at selfless, the key is to realize that when you’re looking at yourself it had better be in the context of how to help others…

With that in mind:

How are you doing in your quest to become a bit more selfless?

As always, thanks for the time.

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