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Some folks think we move too fast.  Others think we move too slowly.  However, what’s important is not “too fast” or “too slow”.  It’s making sure that the pace you are pursuing is correct for you.  While “correct” is subjective, I’d argue that the “correct” pace for each of us is just fast enough that we’re on the verge of serious discomfort.  Think about that for a moment…..

If we’re comfortable, chances are that we’re really not changing or doing much.  Not good.  If we’re a little bit uncomfortable, we’re at least moving.  When we get just shy of serious discomfort, we’re right there below the “red line”.  That’s the pace where our engines can run for a long time without doing any damage.  To carry on with the car analogy, each of us have multiple gears (i.e. the ability to rebalance/shift focus to/from different activities) that allow our speed (read rate of progress) to be different, but keeps the engine at the same pace as it’s still right below the red-line level.

With that in mind:

What’s your pace of your personal engine?

As always, thanks for the time.

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