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It’s interesting the way that certain words have very strong connotations.  Pressure is one of these.  The basic reaction is almost universal – y when people hear pressure there is normally a twinge in the stomach.  For some that’s good.  For others that’s bad.  Some people feel uncomfortable, start to worry, and may even panic.  Others snap to attention, increase their focus, and get down to business.

Amazingly the same external stimuli associated with a particular situation can have these vastly different impacts on individuals.  That is because the external stimuli are processed through our internal realities.  Realities that are of our own making.  To some pressure becomes problematic.  To others a real opportunity.  The difference, in my mind, is how folks perceive the situation a priori.  Those that recognize the twinge in the stomach as natural and a trigger to jump to action, excel.  While those that treat the twinge as signal that things are about to go down hill, normally get the bad result they are expecting.  In my mind it’s the classic fight or flight reaction.

With that in mind:

When you are faced with a pressure packed situation do you fight or flee?

As always, thanks for the time.