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This past weekend I spent three days down at my parent’s lake house with my family.  We chatted, ate, relaxed, and did a lot of fishing.  Now while I had my smart phone along, connectivity at this particular location is poor and my access to e-mail, Facebook, Linked In, and all the other “important” stuff was very limited.  Somehow I survived just fine.  Thrived is more like it.  The three days allowed me to let my mind rest, to recharge the batteries, and to return back to my normal routine refreshed and ready.

All too often, we fall in to the trap of believing working harder is the answer.  Sometimes the exact opposite is true.  Sometimes you need to step away for a few days and shut things down.  Whether you refer to it as duality, yin and yang, balance, or some other term, taking a break is necessary, healthy, and extremely productive.

With that in mind:

When was the last time you stepped away from the rat race and took a break?

As always, thanks for the time.