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My HS English class was a long time ago, but I do remember the concept of “static” versus “dynamic” characters.  The static guys were the ones that stayed the same through out the story, while the dynamic characters evolved through the story.  They were where the action was.  Where the focus was.  Where the excitement was.

Most stories followed a familiar script: introduce us to the characters and situation, develop some sort of challenge, face the challenge, overcome (or NOT!) the challenge, and present the outcome (or set the stage for the sequel!).  The recipe is very successful as we’re wired to love stories.  Prior to the written word, the history of mankind was passed on through stories.  They’re in our DNA.

Most of the good stories have the protagonist changing in some dramatic manner through the situations that he/she faces.  Often time there is pain, suffering, and challenges that must be overcome.  Normally there’s a critical moment where the character has to make a choice:  do I step out of my comfort zone, face the challenge, and trust that I can handle the challenge?  In the good stories, the character IS dynamic.  They do face the challenge.  They do encounter uncertainty and discomfort.  They do evolve.  They do grow.  And they do end up better for having faced the challenge.

My question for you today:

Will you be static or dynamic or dynamic character over this next year?

As always, thanks for the time.