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While I’d love to think that I’m totally fearless, the reality is that — like almost everyone out there — I too suffer from the “fear of paralysis” on occasion.  It’s really quite ironic given the situation:  I’ve got a great family, am 100% financially secure, healthy, have some good friends, and am blessed with a great mind.  Anything that I’ve taken on in life I’ve found a way to make work.  Yet when I contemplate taking a step in a new direction, I often hesitate.  Why is that?

It’s that fear thing.  We’re programmed by years of evolutionary development to make sure that we survive to pass on our genes to the next generation.  Taking chances and trying out new things aren’t exactly conducive to that survival thing.  As a result, mother nature has given us “fear”.  It’s that little voice that says “don’t do it” that you hear when you want to try something new.  Now ironically, the key to evolution and making the big steps is overcoming that voice and trying something new.  Of course there’s always the chance that when you step out in the open, a big ole T-rex decides to have you as a snack (and yes I’m aware that humanoids and dinosaurs never existed side-by-side outside of Jurassic Park).  The key to overcoming the fear is (i) to recognize it, (ii) to figure out what is driving it, (iii) to figure out just how bad it could be, and (iv) to realize that the potential change/gain far outweighs the risk.

With that in mind:

Have you taken the time to examine what’s behind your fears?

As always, thanks for the time.