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For 18 years I was fortunate to have worked for Caterpillar.  The company consistently spoke of four values:  integrity, excellence, teamwork, and commitment.  For the next few days, I’m going to provide some perspectives on what I honestly believe is one of the best approaches to values that you will see anywhere in the world.  The company took a few simple ideas and combined them to build a framework that is powerful, sustainable, and acts as a great lens through which to view one’s behaviors.

First on the list is integrity.  What Caterpillar refers to as “The Power of Honesty”.  Simple.  Easy to understand.  Impactful.

It also provides the foundation of HOW to build an organization.  While I never saw this written down, I always spoke to people about integrity as follows: you need to make sure that you are building an organization which is full of people who you can count on to do the right thing regardless of the situation.  People of integrity.

As I go through the other values, you’ll see how they weave together to define an organization that is top notch.  With that in mind:

Is the organization that you are part of composed of people who you can count on to do the right thing?

As always, thanks for the time.