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It’s amazing to me how sometimes things just “pop in to my mind”.  Suddenly a new idea emerges that is crystal clear and cogent.  I could have spent hours, days, and weeks puzzling on the concept and never come up with the idea that suddenly materialized.  And these “out of thin air” ideas are often the best ones!  Without even trying!

There’s a lesson here — we’ve got incredible power within each of us locked in our unconscious mind.  The challenge is how to tap in to this wonderful resource.  While I don’t profess to have all the answers on this topic, I have found a few things that seem to help me tap in to my unconscious:


  • I constantly seek out, read, and learn about new things.  I liken this to the “care and feeding” of the brain.  I have absolutely no idea how the brain manages to take all of the information that I consume and file/organize it.  All I know is that my brain has an uncanny knack for “giving back” pieces of information that I didn’t know were there.  As a result, I feed my brain as often as possible.
  • I constantly puzzle over problems and challenges.  While it’s not often the case that the conscious puzzling solves the problem at hand,  I truly believe that even if the answer is not emerging, all of these failed attempts are being sorted and sequenced by my brain.  I liken this to “exercising” my brain.
  • Third, I give up!  By this I mean that at a certain point in time I stop puzzling on the question at hand.  Perseverance is a wonderful thing, however sometimes it’s “just not the right” time for an answer to emerge.   I liken this to “resting” my brain.
  • Finally, I believe in my brain.  By this I mean that I have the confidence that I CAN find the answer if I follow these three steps.  While it may take a while, I stay true to the above process (feed, exercise, rest) knowing that it’s going to get me to the right place.  I have faith that we’ve got more untapped capacity inside ourselves than most of us will ever come to believe


In my opinion these four steps —  feed the brain, exercise the brain, rest the brain, believe in the brain — are all that’s required to let our unconscious mind work it’s magic.

With that in mind:

Do you have a plan to tap in to the power of your unconscious mind?

As always, thanks for the time.